The first thing you'll choose is your character's race. You can choose a Human from the Kartefant Nation, or an Ak'Kan from Merkhadian Nation. All the characters you create must be of the same nationality. The choice opens some doors and closes others forever. Choose wisely. On each server, you can re-choose your race/ nationality by deleting all characters you have created and re-starting the game. Please note that you can save any gear you have acquired in the Dragon Vault to use with your new characters.


Selecting Kartefant (Human)

Selecting Merkhadian (Ak'kan)

Screen Explanation : -

  • Kartefant (Human) - They were born to protect their kingdom against the Ak'kans.
  • Merkhadian (Ak'kan) - They were born to takeover the land that Humans have conquered.
  • Once you confirm on which race you want to choose, click the [OK] button.