Press [G] to open a guild window.

CLICK HERE to learn how to join a guild.
CLICK HERE to learn how to create own guild.
Displaying the list of guild existed in the server with the infos such as the guild rank, the name of the guild, the master of the guild, the guild reputation and their logo.
Use the arrow to turn to next page of the guild list.
Guild window tab to see more options and informations of the guild (the other tab beside Info are only available if you have joined any guild).
Choose either the guild list will be displayed sorted by fame, name, members, nations, etc.
Displaying the name of the guild.
Click this button if you want to apply to become the guild member. The acknowledgement will be sent to the Guild Master of the guild you wish to join.
Use this button to find a guild according to your like.
Displaying the current selected guild logo.
Use the button to change the logo if you are the Guild Master of the guild.
CLICK HERE to learn on how to put your own guild logo.
Displaying the Guild Master's name.
The reputation (fame average) of the guild.
The guild nation either Merkhadian, Kartefant or Almighty Pirate.
Showing current amount of members te guild have and the maximum amount of members they have.
Use the button to upgrade your guild to increase maximum members if you are the Guild Master.