You'll find a variety of menus and screens throughout the game to help you manage your Character's growth on Almighty Ground. You can access all of them with hotkeys. You'll use some more than others, and you might not use others at all, but you should take the time to familiarize yourself with these commands so you can move with ease through the game. Hit the ESC key at any time to close all open screens.

From Mouse mode → Switch to Keyboard Mode
From Keyboard Mode → Switch to Mouse mode
Move forward
Move back
Move Left
Move Right
Normal Attack (hold for continuous attack)
Zoom In / Zoom Out
Skill Action (hold for charge CAST type skills)
Talk / Interacts with NPC or Players (will open a menu)
Zoom in / Zoom out minimap.
Collect item
Rest / Stand up
Switch Weapons
(Human Race only)
Display / Close Non-dedicated role's name
Jumping under keyboard mode/Generate view around under mouse mode
(hold the space bar button and moving the mouse)
Under mouse mode Display/Hidden Mouse cursor
Temporary switch to mouse mode under keyboard mode
ON / OFF Inventory window
ON / OFF Character Information window
ON / OFF Skill window
ON / OFF Guild window
ON / OFF Quest window
ON / OFF Party window
(Party / Friend list / Ignore listˇ^
ON / OFF Big Map
ON / STOP March Forward
Reply a private message
(Applicable only if someone send you a private messageˇ^
Settings / Options
Capture Game Screenshot (Capturing a screenshot in JPEG format and will save it in "Screenshot" folder in main RYL directoryˇ^
Exit Game

You have two modes for movement in RYL: Keyboard Mode and Mouse Mode. You can switch between the two modes by pressing the ESC key. Zoom in and out in both modes by using the mouse wheel. Note: You must close all open screens before you can switch modes.

Keyboard Mode
You control your point of view with your mouse, with the camera always directly Behind your character. You move forward by pressing W, backward by pressing S, And side to side with A and D. You can jump in Keyboard Mode by pressing Space, and you can Avoid by pressing SPACE-D or SPACE-A, which causes you to jump to one side or another. Space-W and Space-S allow you to jump forward or backward. To pick up items on the ground or use an action, press E.

While in keyboard mode, you can activate a mouse pointer by pressing TAB or by holding the SHIFT key. You can use this to talk to NPCs or to access your popup screens. You can turn the mouse cursor off by pressing TAB again or releasing the SHIFT key. You will not be able to move in Keyboard Mode while the cursor is active, but you will be able to target more precisely. You can press L to bring up a map of the area. This will show you where you are in relation to the cities and points of interest. You can hit the tabs at the top to show the difficulty of the monsters in the area and the fortresses guilds have erected to claim their territories. If you press the L key on the on-screen menu bar, you'll bring up a mini map that shows your coordinates. To see the names of monsters, NPCs, and players in the nearby area, press V. If this clutters the Screen too much, or the information isn't useful to you, press V again to make it disappear.

Mouse Mode
Click a target, and you'll start moving toward it. You can stop by clicking immediately at your feet. You control your point of view by holding down Space and moving the mouse from left to right. If you hold down Space and move the mouse forward or backward, you'll move higher behind your character or lower to the ground. You can pick items up by clicking on them.