It was a bright sunny morning, I arrived at DNA Internet Café at about 9.15 a.m. and I check with the organizers and there were only about 5 registered teams. Shortly later my colleague arrived and we went for breakfast with some players opposite the cafe. Participants started arriving in groups and within minutes the coffee shops were packed with RYL players.

After breakfast, we went back to the venue and I checked on the number of registered teams. It was around 30+ and still counting. So I gave another 5 or 10 minutes for the last batch to register. Few minutes later, it rose to about 40+ teams and I decided to stop accepting the registration as it was too much already. Shortly, I started the briefing and player's gets to ask some questions regarding the events and it were answered. We then started the draw and mystery gifts. The tournament was about to begin and the servers crashed! So, everyone was given a half hour break for lunch while we fix the servers.

Then match started and it was a quite evenly competition where 2 Human teams and 2 Akkan teams winning their respective match but later Akkans dominated the tournament. It went on for hours and later the lines began to lag to a horrible stage where the match was put on hold at the quarterfinals.

After a few phone calls and the team leaders was call upon. They were given 3 choices :

  • Continue despite the lag
  • Share cash with in-game items
  • Extra In-game items without cash prize

There was hesitation at first, they were given a choice to vote and the votes will decide it all. The votes came in shortly and majority has chose option 3 which was extra in-game prizes with cash prize. Unfortunately we do not have 24 trophies, so they did a draw to decide who get the trophy.

I hope you guys had an enjoyable day and thank you for coming.

Event GM

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