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Oh no! Cupid Lovey Davey is injured during training and now worried that he is unable to grant lovers with romantic love life. He is so worried that he can only conjured up special items during this Valentine Day. He is now seeking treatment to fully recover so that he can fulfill his duties during this valentine day but he is short of funds. He has created some items to support his medical fees and is charging 50 resource points for a spin. However due to his injury, he can only conjured up 10 Limited Edition Ring - All Stats +2 and can only be redeem with his Cupid's Redeem Your Love Wheel. Please support Cupid Lovey Davey so that he can recover on time to grant couples in love a long lasting relationship.

CLICK HERE to start spinning the wheel and test your luck.


Due to the new patch, we have encountered some problems with the items. Therefore, the items in the Valentine Wheel will be revised for all RYL 2 players.

Limited Edition Ring - All Stats + 2

+ 150 Attack Damage
+ 150 Defense
+ 150 Dodge Rate
+ 150 Magic Resistance
+ 50 MP Recovery
+ 50 HP Recovery


Please be informed that each spin requires 50 resource claims as stated clearly in red color on the bottom of the Valentine Wheel.
We have received numerous telephone calls informing us about winning Ancient Gallet and the Limited Edition Rings. We are sorry to inform that your winning is not accepted and not legal.

Why? You spin the wheel then use the functions of forward and rewind by right-clicking on the mouse button. If you are trying to benefit from a bug or sort of, then we are sorry to inform that it is not recorded in our system. Each legal spin or winning spin has information of your resource points and therefore if it does not display those information and by using forward and rewind functions.

Anyway, the updates on the Valentine Wheel are the bug of forward and rewind function has been disabled. There will also be a summary winning list whereby it will show you the prizes you have won from the previous spins. Happy spinning and hope you win the Limited Edition Ring.